It was a great moment attending the session “Being Calm in Crisis” by BK Usha. Organized by “The Bengal Rowing Club”.

Calmness isn’t if everything in our lives is going peacefully and we are calm, but it’s when there are so many hurdles, troubles, challenges and we are calm. This class teaches us how to be calm in very challenging situations, what tools we can use to really make ourselves calm in critical situations.

We all are aware of the financial crisis, natural crisis, technological crisis and different types of crisis, but are we really aware of inner self crisis to which most of us are victimized more or less? It’s really a very serious topic on which one must think about for himself/herself, family members and for coming generations. This class gives us more details on this topic.

How negative and waste thoughts are destroying one’s calmness. We are the thought creator, however, many of us can’t control over it and to some it leads to suicide. Nowadays, we know one tool that helps us control our thoughts is Meditation; even doctors are asking their patients to do it, but are we really aware of the real meditation ? or are confused seeing many types of meditations in the society? Do all of us even know the true definition of Meditation, Yog & Yoga or still confused? In this one hour session, BK Usha clears all these questions.

This one hour class also teaches us about the real meaning of spirituality, decision-making tools, how to overcome depression and many more.


I love listening, watching, reading and attending conferences or classes by famous personalities. So far, I have made many and have learnt many lessons in my life. It’s not easy to remember everthing goes to ears, however, time to time subconscious recalls many things which is/are not in concious. Through the episodes “Lessons From Great Personality”, I will be sharing what I learn from a personality which I listen, watch or if attend a class. I will be noting down one thing I take from that class and will be doing many beneficial things through this episode.

There are many interesting & creative things coming 🙂

BK Usha is a Senior Raja Yoga Meditation teacher and a Management Trainer at The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. With her innate qualities, capabilities and Supreme Father’s blessings she has focused her strength and specialty into a meaningful channel. In fact, she is a practical example of “Applied Spirituality”.

She has been invited by many industrial groups of India and foreign to impart systematic Self Managing Leadership courses for high ranking executives and management staff, few of them are: General Electric (Hong Kong), Pan Edible Oils (Malaysia), DRDO, BSNL, GAIL etc.

She has done a thorough research on the great epics of India – Ramayana & Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and has created a unique presentation. This presentation has been shown within India and abroad relating its spiritual significance and the practical application in the modern lifestyle. Which has attracted and made people realize its importance from a completely different perspective. More and more can be known about her personality if one meets her or go through her classes.

One Lesson I Take Here

Will be sharpening my axe everyday. 🙂